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Tuesday, August 22nd, 2006
3:06 am
end of summer
so i know i said i would write on this more back in june, but things got hectic, and i lied. oh well...so here's an update on my summer.

my internship is great. I had my own office and everything, it was awesome. i learned a bunch, and have a better idea of what i wanna do after college.

Ocean City was fun. Its funny cuz about 4 days after I wrote last, me marascio and cory talked about going again, so I had 2 straight mini-weeks in The OCmd. Let's just say there was many drunk memories that I knew would happen.

I took Accounting over the summer, and got an A. that was a relief to get it over with.

i got to see the best concert of the summer, Bon Jovi, in a hometown show at Giants Stadium, which just so happened to be the last show of the Have a Nice Day concert. I went with Jen, and it was a great time. He played from Saturday Night to Sunday Morning. And to top off an awesome evening, i ate White Castle for the first time.

So I moved most of my stuff into my new apartment last week, and I can't wait for the 26th to move in. It's going to be amazing. Seeing everyone again, being in the new place, tapping the kegerator, watching the big screen, psu football, and everything. 409 Cedarbrook is where you wanna be. Trust me.

So i gotta go, but I'll keep in touch, maybe.
Tuesday, June 20th, 2006
3:13 am
back again
well, i thought that i'd update how my life is going. i'm home for summer, did good on finals, ended up with a 3.8 for the spring semester...not bad. i got a summer job as an intern at mccabe mortgage group, which is working out real nice, and i'm learning a lot. my sister graduated, and we had a big party at the house, and i got to see all the family. i haven't done anything really exciting for summer yet...next week i'll be home alone because my whole family will be at the beach, and im going next friday to The OCmd. i got a job for fall semester, and get to move into school early, which is nice, cuz i cant wait to be back at psu. i'll be doing training, but i plan on doing not much else. i start my summer accounting class tomorrow night, and that and work will pretty much take over my tuesdays and thursdays. i work monday through friday from 12-5...anytime after 5 im usually ready to chill. i've also been helping out at hops, and at the pierce st. deli on occasion. tomorrow, NFL head coach comes out, a game that i've been waiting for them to make for years, so that is exciting.

uhhh, today i had to go to the middle of nowhere to fight a speeding ticket I got. I talked with the officer and he agreed to drop my ticket to disregarding traffic controls, and i got $20 back from the state, as well as no points, which is nice.

that's all for now, it's late, and i'm tired. i will be updating this more often though, so keep tuned in.
Monday, April 10th, 2006
2:19 am
it's been awhile.
well its been a while since i've written, and I said that I would be more active with this lj, so here goes! Life has been good since i've written. I've done well on all my school work except Bi Sci, but that really doesn't matter anymore, seeing as how I've dropped it. Oh Well! These past weekends have been fun, and i've looked forward to them to sleep as long as i can, and partyyyy. This past weekend, I came home though. It was my sister's birthday, and I decided I would come visit for it. I got a ride with Pete and Zac to Allentown, and Jill came to pick me up so we could hang out for the night. It was fun, we hung around Kutztown, and had dinner at Boston's. It was nice to see her. Then on Saturday I went to the flag football tournament at the high school. Then I went to dinner with Marascio and Shultz, and later went to the strip club with my sister and friends. It was hysterical, to say the least. It was a lot of their first time's at the club, so it was funny to see how they reacted. Today, we had dinner for cassie's birthday, and now I'm just getting ready to sleep so that I can wake up to drive back to state college.

This week should be a fun one. No papers to worry about, or major exams, and on Thursday I get to come back for "easter break" if you can even call it that. Oh well, it'll be a reason to get a home-cooked meal and see friends from home. Maybe we'll even do an OC night, like the old times. But I'm tired, and dont have much else to say. I'll update again tomorrow.

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
3:31 am
kinda tired
Yeah so it's another day that i can't really sleep. it's 319, so i decided to study more for my MS&IS exam. Fun fun, right? Oh well, whatever helps me do well. It sucks becuase I know everything for the parts of the exam that involve figuring things out, but i really need to learn the terms and stuff. Hopefully I'll do better than the last exam, but who knows. I'm not happy that the test is at 815, which means I'll probably miss The OC, and have to get it taped, which i don't like to have to do. Hopefully i can get through the test with enough time to see it. And its not like I can even enjoy the weekend, because I have 3 exam tuesday coming up, aka hell day. Hopefully at least one of the weekend nights will be fun. I do expect to do some studying, cuz i need to do a lot better on my Bi Sci exam. But come next tuesday, it'll be smooth sailing for awhile.

So I made it to the gym today, and I was really pumped for that. I've been really lazy recently, not doing much exercise except for what I can do in the room. Oh well, I made it today, and intend to make it a daily trend. I really felt better after getting there. I also found the perfect time to go, because I didn't have to wait in lines. Lines suck, especially when they aren't for amusement park rides. But I found the gym really relaxing, and I will enjoy it more when I can get a functioning mp3 player. My sister's old ipod doesnt hold a charge, and today my Walkman busted, so I was musicless today :(

I was thinking a lot about the OC, and I want to make my prediction here that Ryan and Marissa will be together by the end of the season, brought together in a situation where Marissa fights for Ryan. I'd also like to post my predictions for college. Marissa and Ryan will go to Berkeley. Summer will get into Brown, whereas Seth will not, but I think somehow they will both end up at Stanford, keeping the OC at least in California for Season 4.

Also, I was thinking today of how fun it would be to have a video camera. My roommate and his friends make their own episodes of 24, and they actually turn out pretty well. I think it'd be cool to find some sort of video camera, just a basic one. I'll have to look for one when I'm finished with the massive amount of studying that lies ahead of me.

i'm beat though, and I'm gonna get some sleep.

Peace Out Kiddos

Current Mood: tired
Monday, March 20th, 2006
10:56 pm
starting over
Well, it's been awhile since i had a livejournal. I actually looked at my old lj, and the last entry I wrote was in September of 2004, when i was still a senior in high school, and trying to think of college decisions. I knew back then I wanted to go to Penn State, and that's where I am now. It's spring semester 2006, and I love every minute at Penn State, and I really couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Everything about PSU is great. But that's enough talking about 9/04.

I'm very glad about my classes this semester. I have Business Statistics, which is a repeat of last years stat in high school, business ethics, which is common sense, CompSci, which is just excel and access, MIS, which is simple, BiSci, which is a pain, INART, which is a popular music class, and International Business Movies, which is all about foreign movies. So needless to say, the classes I have this semester leave me a lot of free time. I do have to study, which i never did in high school, so that's new. I enjoy the amount of work that I have this semester. I LOVE the partying at Penn State. It never fails to disappoint.

I'm really glad winter is over. I'm glad spring will start tomorrow, and its a good time for new beginnings. I'm not gonna be as lazy as I am right now. I'm sick of it, and I need to make a change, and spring is the perfect timing for it. I don't really know what not being lazy will consist of, but more on that later. I'll write laterr. Hope all is well, and welcome back to my life....

Current Mood: drained
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