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back again

well, i thought that i'd update how my life is going. i'm home for summer, did good on finals, ended up with a 3.8 for the spring semester...not bad. i got a summer job as an intern at mccabe mortgage group, which is working out real nice, and i'm learning a lot. my sister graduated, and we had a big party at the house, and i got to see all the family. i haven't done anything really exciting for summer week i'll be home alone because my whole family will be at the beach, and im going next friday to The OCmd. i got a job for fall semester, and get to move into school early, which is nice, cuz i cant wait to be back at psu. i'll be doing training, but i plan on doing not much else. i start my summer accounting class tomorrow night, and that and work will pretty much take over my tuesdays and thursdays. i work monday through friday from 12-5...anytime after 5 im usually ready to chill. i've also been helping out at hops, and at the pierce st. deli on occasion. tomorrow, NFL head coach comes out, a game that i've been waiting for them to make for years, so that is exciting.

uhhh, today i had to go to the middle of nowhere to fight a speeding ticket I got. I talked with the officer and he agreed to drop my ticket to disregarding traffic controls, and i got $20 back from the state, as well as no points, which is nice.

that's all for now, it's late, and i'm tired. i will be updating this more often though, so keep tuned in.
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