asnide3 (asnide3) wrote,

end of summer

so i know i said i would write on this more back in june, but things got hectic, and i lied. oh here's an update on my summer.

my internship is great. I had my own office and everything, it was awesome. i learned a bunch, and have a better idea of what i wanna do after college.

Ocean City was fun. Its funny cuz about 4 days after I wrote last, me marascio and cory talked about going again, so I had 2 straight mini-weeks in The OCmd. Let's just say there was many drunk memories that I knew would happen.

I took Accounting over the summer, and got an A. that was a relief to get it over with.

i got to see the best concert of the summer, Bon Jovi, in a hometown show at Giants Stadium, which just so happened to be the last show of the Have a Nice Day concert. I went with Jen, and it was a great time. He played from Saturday Night to Sunday Morning. And to top off an awesome evening, i ate White Castle for the first time.

So I moved most of my stuff into my new apartment last week, and I can't wait for the 26th to move in. It's going to be amazing. Seeing everyone again, being in the new place, tapping the kegerator, watching the big screen, psu football, and everything. 409 Cedarbrook is where you wanna be. Trust me.

So i gotta go, but I'll keep in touch, maybe.
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