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starting over

Well, it's been awhile since i had a livejournal. I actually looked at my old lj, and the last entry I wrote was in September of 2004, when i was still a senior in high school, and trying to think of college decisions. I knew back then I wanted to go to Penn State, and that's where I am now. It's spring semester 2006, and I love every minute at Penn State, and I really couldn't imagine being anywhere else. Everything about PSU is great. But that's enough talking about 9/04.

I'm very glad about my classes this semester. I have Business Statistics, which is a repeat of last years stat in high school, business ethics, which is common sense, CompSci, which is just excel and access, MIS, which is simple, BiSci, which is a pain, INART, which is a popular music class, and International Business Movies, which is all about foreign movies. So needless to say, the classes I have this semester leave me a lot of free time. I do have to study, which i never did in high school, so that's new. I enjoy the amount of work that I have this semester. I LOVE the partying at Penn State. It never fails to disappoint.

I'm really glad winter is over. I'm glad spring will start tomorrow, and its a good time for new beginnings. I'm not gonna be as lazy as I am right now. I'm sick of it, and I need to make a change, and spring is the perfect timing for it. I don't really know what not being lazy will consist of, but more on that later. I'll write laterr. Hope all is well, and welcome back to my life....
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