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kinda tired

Yeah so it's another day that i can't really sleep. it's 319, so i decided to study more for my MS&IS exam. Fun fun, right? Oh well, whatever helps me do well. It sucks becuase I know everything for the parts of the exam that involve figuring things out, but i really need to learn the terms and stuff. Hopefully I'll do better than the last exam, but who knows. I'm not happy that the test is at 815, which means I'll probably miss The OC, and have to get it taped, which i don't like to have to do. Hopefully i can get through the test with enough time to see it. And its not like I can even enjoy the weekend, because I have 3 exam tuesday coming up, aka hell day. Hopefully at least one of the weekend nights will be fun. I do expect to do some studying, cuz i need to do a lot better on my Bi Sci exam. But come next tuesday, it'll be smooth sailing for awhile.

So I made it to the gym today, and I was really pumped for that. I've been really lazy recently, not doing much exercise except for what I can do in the room. Oh well, I made it today, and intend to make it a daily trend. I really felt better after getting there. I also found the perfect time to go, because I didn't have to wait in lines. Lines suck, especially when they aren't for amusement park rides. But I found the gym really relaxing, and I will enjoy it more when I can get a functioning mp3 player. My sister's old ipod doesnt hold a charge, and today my Walkman busted, so I was musicless today :(

I was thinking a lot about the OC, and I want to make my prediction here that Ryan and Marissa will be together by the end of the season, brought together in a situation where Marissa fights for Ryan. I'd also like to post my predictions for college. Marissa and Ryan will go to Berkeley. Summer will get into Brown, whereas Seth will not, but I think somehow they will both end up at Stanford, keeping the OC at least in California for Season 4.

Also, I was thinking today of how fun it would be to have a video camera. My roommate and his friends make their own episodes of 24, and they actually turn out pretty well. I think it'd be cool to find some sort of video camera, just a basic one. I'll have to look for one when I'm finished with the massive amount of studying that lies ahead of me.

i'm beat though, and I'm gonna get some sleep.

Peace Out Kiddos
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