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it's been awhile.

well its been a while since i've written, and I said that I would be more active with this lj, so here goes! Life has been good since i've written. I've done well on all my school work except Bi Sci, but that really doesn't matter anymore, seeing as how I've dropped it. Oh Well! These past weekends have been fun, and i've looked forward to them to sleep as long as i can, and partyyyy. This past weekend, I came home though. It was my sister's birthday, and I decided I would come visit for it. I got a ride with Pete and Zac to Allentown, and Jill came to pick me up so we could hang out for the night. It was fun, we hung around Kutztown, and had dinner at Boston's. It was nice to see her. Then on Saturday I went to the flag football tournament at the high school. Then I went to dinner with Marascio and Shultz, and later went to the strip club with my sister and friends. It was hysterical, to say the least. It was a lot of their first time's at the club, so it was funny to see how they reacted. Today, we had dinner for cassie's birthday, and now I'm just getting ready to sleep so that I can wake up to drive back to state college.

This week should be a fun one. No papers to worry about, or major exams, and on Thursday I get to come back for "easter break" if you can even call it that. Oh well, it'll be a reason to get a home-cooked meal and see friends from home. Maybe we'll even do an OC night, like the old times. But I'm tired, and dont have much else to say. I'll update again tomorrow.
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